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product arrow Motorized screen See Max IR ( 4 : 3 ) SB-SQ150Vi

Motorized screen See Max IR ( 4 : 3 ) SB-SQ150Vi
Price Rp 12.300.000

Motorized screen See Max IR ( 4 : 3 ) SB-SQ150Vi

(Layar Proyektor Motor)

SHINE B Motorized Screen

Motor in roller desaign
special Motor in roller design keep quiet and smooth operation.
Silent Operation
All seemax motorized screens use a special rubber antinoise and antivibration mechanism on the roller. This mechanism greatly absorbs and reduces impact and ensures aquiet and smooth operation. Even after extensive testing of the high quality core of over ten thousand revolutions, the motor remains durable and efficient.
Equipped with quiet motor
Equipped with quiet motor keep quiet operation.
Unique roller design unsure the flattest screen surface
Large diameter rollers unsure long-term screen integrity providing a consistent flat projection surface.
Custom size
Screen fabric has a black border all around.
Standard large upper black drop for format at 16:9 and 2.35:1.
Customer-recuired format or black border is acceptable.
Equipped with standard 3 button in-line switch
All of seemax control system are available for this model, for detailed information please refer to page 12-13 Control options.
Screen selection
Matte White, High Contrast Grey, Beperformer 1.8, High Gain

See Max Motorized screen IR ( 4 : 3 )

Product Type
See Max Motorized screen IR ( 4 : 3 )
See Max Screen SB-SQ150Vi, 4:3, 150″ (3048 x 2286) Rp 12.300.000,-